Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

What is AEO?

AEO is an EU harmonized accreditation regime for improving supply chain security. AEO certified companies will be considered by the Customs Authorities as trusted parties and receive operational benefits such as less physical inspections and handling by customs, the so-called "green lane".

The AEO certificate is available to any EU-based economic operator whose activities are covered by customs legislation such as manufacturers, exporters, forwarders, customs agents, carries and importers.

Applicants for AEO status will need to demonstrate Customs compliance, suitable accounting and logistical record keeping, proven financial solvency and adequate safety and security standards.

Certified companies will be recognized across all member states and depending on the certifications they obtain, AEO status entitles them access to Customs simplification procedures and other trade facilitation services in Customs control and security.

You can apply for AEO status for customs simplifications (AEOC), AEO status for security and safety (AEOS) or both (AEOF).

For more information on this subject we refer to the thematic site 'Customs and Security' of the European Commission.

What we do?

Our AEO certification consultancy includes: self-assessment guidance, co-ordination and review, validation of procedures, remediation measures, development and implementation of internal control plans, drafting your application, assistance with the Customs' audit and maintenance after obtaining the AEO certificate.

Our competent AEO team guides you through the AEO certification process, we provide guidance and hands-on assistance in each phase of the project with real insight and focus on the practical issues.


We have a competent multidisciplinary team where each partner is responsible for its own field of expertise: NPA Security Consulting (NPA) for Safety and Security, and Customs4Trade (C4T) for Customs and other AEO related issues.

Web-based tool

C4T developed a userfriendly web-based tool to assist you with your AEO application and the maintenance of your AEO certificate. This interactive platform allows sharing information with your colleagues and our project team. It is designed to reduce your project time for getting  the AEO status and reduces efforts for your internal and external resources. With the easy status reporting, you are in control of the process.


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