Compliance Audit

The number of security initiatives that exert an influence on international trade has increased continuously after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Especially the requirements placed on the international supply chain are increasing steadily and it is becoming all the more difficult to obtain an exhaustive picture of the entire system of security requirements.

Many of the programs have a certification component and define specific security criteria, while others put more ownership on individual companies to develop their own security requirements.

NPA can provide your organisation with insightful guidance to facilitate compliance with these programs.

Our compliance audits provide an objective assessment of an organisation's adherence to specific laws, regulations, and the control operations as reflected in the policies, directives, standards or contracts that may apply (e.g. ISPS Code, AEO, TAPA, RA/KC, ACC3/RA3/KC3, Regulated Supplier of In-Flight Supplies, Known Suppliers,..).

This type of audit is also meant to detect breaches in security and to recommend any indicated changes in systems of control, policy and procedures.



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