Consultancy Services

Risk Analyses

Theft of assets, violence, vandalism, and terrorism are prevalent in the world today. Managers and decision-makers must have a reliable way of estimating risk to help them decide how much security is needed at their facility.

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Compliance Audit

The number of security initiaves that exert an influence on international trade has increased continuously after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Security Audit

Most in-house security professionals are fully employed at their day-to-day occupations (and who in this business will admit they are not?). Where will they find the time to conduct a meaningful security audit or survey?

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Second Opinion

Sometimes it may be appropriate to involve NPA for a second opinion. By this, the former advice of a supplier, consulting firm or internal department can be checked by a second independent party.

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Policy & Procedure Development

We can develop comprehensive security policies and procedures that accurately reflect the nature and level of security risks that your organization faces.

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System Design

The design of integrated security systems (CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, asset & building management, etc.) and comparitive price and quality assessments of products and systems.

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Project Management

NPA can assist with the preparation of tender documents for design, installation, equipment supply, evaluation of tenders, testing and commissioning.

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