What does it mean?

Most companies or organizations often lack the budget to employ a full-time security manager. In these companies/organizations, the security management function is absent or is combined with other responsibilities.
Occasionally hiring an external consultant is often a costly and cumbersome procedure. Therefore, NPA offers you the opportunity to get 24/7 remote support throughout the year to assist your internal security responsible.

What can you expect from us?

  • 24/24 hour consultation and assignments on the procedural, structural and electronic security of your company;
  • Ad-hoc advice and support by e-mail, fax and telephone.

Some concrete examples:
You have received an offer and would like a second opinion on that.
You want to install security cameras and have questions on the proper (legal) rules and procedures to follow.
Your procedures should be checked against current legislation.
A supplier of security products will present his offer and you would like us to attend.

How does it work?

  • You buy a block of hours (minimum 24 at a time) that can be consumed according to your needs.
  • Each month you receive a statement detailing tasks performed, hours used and hours remaining.
  • Optional: automatic renewal of the block when your pre-purchase block runs out;
  • The first fee is paid on receipt of your order.
  • Each additional block of hours will be billed in advance.
  • Mileage is billed separately at 0,40€ / km.

How much does this cost?

  • For competitive reasons we cannot disclose our rates on this website. The basic hourly rate for 24/7 remote support is quite attractive because your questions and assignments will be processed back-office.
  • The more consulting hours you buy, the more discount you receive.
  • For assignments that require a longer period of work, a separate contract can still be agreed.


Are you interested in our 24/7 remote support service? You can contact us using the form below. You can also call us at 03-888.31.13 (outside Belgium: +32-3-888.31.13), or sent us an e-mail at
After receiving your request we will contact you as soon as possible.

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