The theft of property, violence, vandalism and terrorism are prevalent in today's world.

Managers and policy makers must have a reliable means of estimating the risk to help decide how the security necessary for their installation.

  • What can happen?
  • What is the probability to occur?
  • What are the consequences if it does?

NPA may conduct risk assessments of security that will identify key areas of security concern for your organisation, and can develop action plans for risk management that will enable your organisation to effectively reduce risks.

How does it work?

The process begins with a characterization of the facility including identification of the undersired events and the respective critical assets.

Guidance for defining a design basis threat is included, as well as for using the definition of the threats to estimate the likelihood of adversary attack at a specific facility.

Relative values of consequence are estimated.


Methods are also included for estimating the effectivenes of the security system against the adversary attack.

Finally, risk is calculated.

In the event that the value of risk is deemed to be unacceptable (too high), the methodology adresses a process for identifying and evaluating security system upgrades in order to reduce risk.


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