Project Management

NPA can assist with the preparation of tender documents for design, installation, equipment supply, evaluation of tenders, testing and commissioning.

It means cost & timesavings to your internal departments.

Our project management consultancy services include the following works:

  1. Inspection of the project site(s), assisting in the demarcation of the project scope.
  2. Planning for completion of the projects.
  3. Preparation of specifications for each item of work and preparation of estimates.
  4. Preparation of tender schedules for the work.
  5. Calling for tenders, receiving tenders, bid evaluation, negotiations, acceptance of tender and fixing contractor for the execution of the project.
  6. Preparation of agreement and acceptance of agreement.
  7. Supervision of installation works from start to finish.
  8. Ensuring conformance of installation works and materials to relevant standards, bid specification and drawings.
  9. Conducting periodic quality control tests on materials and finished items of works.
  10. Recording measurements of works, and check measurements at various stages of works.
  11. Monitoring the progress, both physical and financial, with reference to prefixed targets and provides weekly/monthly progress reports to clients.
  12. Coordination with client, project manager, architect and other relevant stakeholders whenever necessary.
  13. Advise on extra claims and time extension if any for the work. In case of new items of work, carrying out rate analysis and workout the economical rates for new items of work, not found in the agreement.
  14. Fixing contractors for common facilities work and supervision of such works.
  15. Coordination with clients on likely disputes with the contractor and to assist in the dispute resolution process (the expenditure towards arbitration and settlement of claims should be borne by the client).
  16. Certifying for the completion of works s per specifications.
  17. Assisting the client in any other matter relating to the project execution.


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