Statement of Conduct and Ethics

NPA Security Consulting is an independent - non-Product Affiliated (NPA) - consultancy agency and has no commercial, contractual or financial links with suppliers, distributors or constructors of security equipment.

NPA Security Consulting will:

  • Maintain a high standard of work and act with integrity and impartially solely in the interests of the client;
  • Maintain confidentiality of information specific to the business of the Client;
  • Not take personal, financial, or any other advantage of inside information gained by virtue of the consulting relationship;
  • Inform the Client of any special relationship of circumstances that could be considered as conflict of interest;
  • Not accept fees, commissions or other valuable considerations from any individual or organisation whose equipment, supplies or services they recommend in the course of providing consulting services;
  • Only accept assignments for matters we are qualified in.

In this representing NPA Security Consulting declares herein that the company does not find itself in conditions as stated below:

  • In the state of bankruptcy, liquidation or the subject of suspension of payment, or for which is applied for a moratorium, or in another similar state;
  • To be sentenced by court for an offence that seriously injures the professional morals;
  • Not to have met the obligations with regard to the payment of the social security contributions or taxes;
  • Not to be guilty of having made false declarations when providing the information requested by the Client.


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